Pokemon Tower Defense Generations

pokemon tower defense generations

Gotta catch them all! That is the motto of the original Pokemon series when it was released for western audiences many years ago and until today, it still rings true. Hundreds of invariably cute little Pokemon species are out there and waiting for you to catch them. And this time, you get to do it in a td game! Pokemon Tower Defense Generations is an all new game from long time fans of the series (and also very talented developers), Sam and Dan. These are the guys behind the highly successful Pokemon Tower Defense which was released a couple of years back. Their latest work, Generations, is more than just a sequel. It is a re-imagining of the game as it integrates more of the feel of the original Pokemon games.

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Kingdom Rush – Guards At The Ready – Don’t Let Those Monsters In!

kingdom rush

If you are familiar with the tower defense genre, you will know the general format of using towers to defend a particular target as waves of enemies attempt to penetrate your defences. If you are unfamiliar with Kingdom Rush, however, then you are missing out on possibly one of the best-illustrated and most addictive tower defense games out there. It follows the same format as most other tower defense games, but its design, upgrades, and elements of fantasy make it significantly more worthwhile of your time than most other dreary tower defense titles.

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We Await Wild Blood 2

Wild Blood was a game that told  the tale of Lancelot as he hacked and slashed his way through Morgana’s evil forces, in order to rescue his beloved Guinevere and the land of Albion. It was Gameloft’s first action game to  use the Unreal Engine, and despite numerous technical issues, it was a game worth playing for action game fans.  The game was released for iOS and Android devices back in September 2012.

Being fans of the first game, we have decided to voice our opinions on what we would like to see and play in Wild Blood 2. For us, a game sequel should contain elements from the first game whilst adding new things to improve the existing features. Here are but some of our recommendations for the next game.

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Tracing a Backstory with Gemcraft Labyrinth: The Lost Stages

gemcraft lost stages

The Gemcraft Labyrinth tower defense game series has always been one of our top favorites. With the intriguing way that they have changed their style of delivering the classic tower defense gameplay, the well written narrative and the cohesively designed user interface and in-game graphics it takes very little arguing why this game would not be among our most recommended titles. So when the devs behind this great game series announced that they were making a special “Lost Stages” expansion, we were right on it the moment it came out. And it has been quite some time since then, we have played the stages over and over, fell in and out of love with the challenges and finally when all the amulets and upgrades have been gained, finally concluded that once again, the guys behind Gemcraft have outdone themselves again.

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Medieval Castle Defense

This superb RPG flash game available as an app for Android, is one of the best on the market. Basically you are defending your castle while building bigger and greater towers. Disposing of the attackers is great fun while the building and upgrading element of the game is superb. Decide which characters you would like to help you in your campaign, then get started!

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Defend Your Castle: Fling Your Enemies Into Oblivion!

Normally in castle defense games you will repel your enemies with a whole host of weapons to defend your territory. In Defend Your Castle you will hurl your enemies into the air, pick them up then smash them into the ground, or even just poke them in the eye its your choice. This kind of tactic makes Defend Your Castle not only an original tower defense game but also it is different from the rest. In 2009 this game was nominated for the best casual game of the year by Elans.

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Two Worlds II: Castle Defense

Two Worlds II Castle Defense is a superb follow up game to the original release, that is brimming with medieval excitement, fighting, monsters plus just about everything you would expect to find in this genre of title. Defending the realm from invaders is the name of the game and believe me this is no easy task, but don’t let that put you off, the big challenge is what makes Two Worlds II Castle Defense a superior play.

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Play the Villain and Kill the Heroes!

kill the heroes

Ever since the dawn of the gaming era, people have been given the chance to explore new worlds and go on adventures without ever leaving the comfort of their computer desk (or living room couch). And while escapism through living vicariously in the shoes of heroes is certainly a tantalizing game experience, there is always the wondrous concept of seeing the world through the eyes of the villains.

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Games Modes in Warzone TD

Game Modes

Aside from the different stages available in Warzone TD, players will have access to several game modes. Each of these game modes have unique rules and features that alter the way you play the game. In general, Warzone Tower Defense’s gameplay remains pretty much constant regardless of the game mode, though it does slightly make certain playthroughs more enjoyable and allows players a bit of room for experimentation.

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The Adventuring Heroes in Dungeon Developer

dungeon developers

There are several character classes in Dungeon Developer, each has its own unique strengths and specialties. Sadly, you cannot really choose which adventurers to have –they pop up randomly in your party. You start out with a couple of adventurers and as you go deeper, more and more folks start going into town. Eventually, you will have about seven different adventurers of random job classes exploring your dungeon. The sad part is, they each join at different times, which means that they will all be at different levels.

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Upgrading Your Troops in Civilization Wars

civilization wars

Winning stages will earn you experience points in Civilization Wars – which are very important when it comes to increasing the performance of your troops and for allowing the player to increase the number of spells they have available (aside from leveling up said spells). And getting the right upgrades is always the key when it comes to getting past the more difficult stages. Basically, experience points earn you levels and each level provides you with a finite number of “points” to be distributed to skills and stats. One of the best things about this kingdoms at war game is the fact that you can distribute and redistribute your stat points as often as you need.

So let us say that you have fully upgraded your troops, but for the next stage, you realize that a specific spell can be really handy. All you need to do is to head on over to the skills menu and redistribute the stats to wherever you may need.

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Cursed Treasure LP: Demon Skills Guide

cursed treasure demon skills

Basic Training – provides all towers with an additional 5% more experience points per kill. This is a very useful skill to learn early in the game –since faster leveling towers means being able to upgrade them faster in battle. Remember, the more powerful the tower, the more effective it is in dealing damage and earning more experience points. Max this out early as it is one of the first skills that can be learned. At max level, this skill provides a total of 25% more bonus exp per kill –making it a priority to obtain at the start of the game.

Scorching Treasure – turns all your basic gems into hot fiery gems. These gems are still going to be the main objective of your enemies, but this time, they will keep losing HP for as long as they hold the gem. At the very first level, this gem will burn away 2% of the enemy’s HP for every second they hold it. At max level, this damage rises up to 10%, effectively killing any target holding it for more than 10 seconds. Most of the builds we use do not use this skill, but it does work well for players who are reliant on spells and also, when working in conjunction with the Return Portal, this ability does serve a bit of good use.

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Dungeon Developer Tips

dungeon developer tips

Dig to Destiny with Dungeon Developer

There is a big and nasty red dragon hiding well underneath the town and it is up to you to get rid of it. This does not necessarily mean that you will need to take up a sword and slash your way down, but you will be in charge of managing explorers, heroes and other intrepid adventurers as they siege their way through bats, skeletons, vampires, abominations and other underworldly horrors in hopes of fulfilling the quest.

Yep, your job is to manage –telling these fighters where to go, when to charge in and strategically, when to pull back. Aside from giving out instructions, you will also be deciding on how the dungeons below will be made. Sure there are already monsters underneath, but without proper passageways, you heroes might as well be stabbing at the soil beneath their feet.

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