Cursed Treasure LP: Demon Skills Guide

cursed treasure demon skills

Basic Training – provides all towers with an additional 5% more experience points per kill. This is a very useful skill to learn early in the game –since faster leveling towers means being able to upgrade them faster in battle. Remember, the more powerful the tower, the more effective it is in dealing damage and earning more experience points. Max this out early as it is one of the first skills that can be learned. At max level, this skill provides a total of 25% more bonus exp per kill –making it a priority to obtain at the start of the game.

Scorching Treasure – turns all your basic gems into hot fiery gems. These gems are still going to be the main objective of your enemies, but this time, they will keep losing HP for as long as they hold the gem. At the very first level, this gem will burn away 2% of the enemy’s HP for every second they hold it. At max level, this damage rises up to 10%, effectively killing any target holding it for more than 10 seconds. Most of the builds we use do not use this skill, but it does work well for players who are reliant on spells and also, when working in conjunction with the Return Portal, this ability does serve a bit of good use.

Adoration – every tower constructed will earn 20 points of mana. This skill may not seem like a big deal, but early in the game when mana is scarce (due to the lack of appropriate skills), the temple bonus is certainly something that many players will appreciate. There is only one level to this skill, and its use if only for the initial start of the game (as you are laying down defenses). Once you reach the point of the battle where you stop building new defenses and focus on upgrading, this function loses much use.

Meteor Study – the meteor spell uses a massive 150 mana to cast, making it a very resource consuming spell. Fortunately, the spell does deal 200 points of damage instantly to a target, making it a very effective spell to cast. Thanks to the meteor study skill, players can now cast the meteor spell at a much cheaper cost. The initial value given by the study decreases the cost by 10 mana. At max value you get 50 mana off the casting cost, turning the cost of meteor to a more reasonable 100 mana. With a full mana pool upgrade, you can cast meteor up to five times (which is important if you want to bring down that shade boss in the twelfth stage.

Meteor Mastery – is the skill that turns a practical meteor spell into an insanely powerful meteor spell. This skill will increase the damage caused by meteor by a full 50 points of damage in a single blow. When maxed out at level 4, the damage increase rises up all the way to 200, which leaves you with a grand total of 400 damage in a single click of a button. At this point, one realizes that to fully maximize this potential, the player also has to increase the total mana pool capacity in order to cast meteor successively (at bosses preferably).

All Seeing Eye – this little upgrade may not seem like a big deal at first, but at closer inspection, it is a key factor in being able to bring down high powered enemies. Radiance affects enemies by lowering their defensive stats and making them more susceptible to receiving damage. With the stats lowered, they become easier and faster to kill. The skill provides both evil eye and beholder temples with 5% radiance. The effects of radiance are best seen when multiple towers targets the same enemy. The damage dealt will be higher than usual, and no enemy is likely to survive such an onslaught.

Return Portal – the return portal skill allows gems to be automatically retrieved and returned to their original locations. This is useful if an enemy has managed to grab a gem and has taken it as far as outside of your usual defensive line. If you can prevent other enemies from taking hold of the gem for five minutes, then this skill will automatically warp the gem back. This skill starts with the countdown set to 5 minutes. In order to decrease this value, you can increase the skill level.

Demon Lord – in the same style as the Warchief and Lich King skills, the Demon Lord skill provides a large bonus to the experience points of all temples and also decreases the total cost of their upgrades. While we would normally recommend these three skills for all players, the fact that they are not available until late in the game means that they only serve as a means for players to gain brilliant ratings on all stages (which means you can just finish the basic game without having to learn this skill). With that said, those who want to get the best rating in all the stages will certainly want these skills as they maximize the way you can allocate resources. This skill grants a 5% discount to the gold amount needed for the upgrade of any temple. Also, this skill grants 10% additional exp per kill. When maxed out, the upgrade costs will be lowered by 25% and the temples gain 50% more experience points.

Fire Mastery – the fire mastery skill provides all temples with the chance to set the enemies on fire. The blaze status means that enemies will keep on taking damage from the fire on their bodies. At the first level, this skill gives a 5% chance for temples to cast blaze on a target. When maxed out, temples gain 25% chance to cast blaze –ensuring that enemies charging in are likely to get burnt to a crisp. The effects of blaze last for a few seconds, and if the enemies have to pass by a gauntlet of temples, they will ablaze for quite some time.

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