Defend Your Castle: Fling Your Enemies Into Oblivion!

Normally in castle defense games you will repel your enemies with a whole host of weapons to defend your territory. In Defend Your Castle you will hurl your enemies into the air, pick them up then smash them into the ground, or even just poke them in the eye its your choice. This kind of tactic makes Defend Your Castle not only an original tower defense game but also it is different from the rest. In 2009 this game was nominated for the best casual game of the year by Elans.

Who will help you defend your castle? Well funny you should ask that, as when you have caught an enemy, you can then drop him into a bucket to convert him into one of your own fighters. Once they are transformed you can then upgrade your turrets to train your new comrades to become Archers, Demolition Men, Repair Men or spell casting Wizards. Following each section of fighting you can then upgrade and repair your castle. Its all a lot of fun.

Each of these characters has differing abilities making them true individuals. Archers will attack enemies as soon as they come into sight automatically which is useful. Consequently the more arrows that are fired the more kills you will achieve. Wizards can unlock spells that you can then use to help your progression. For instance one spell gives you a huge rubber with which you can simply erase an enemy. Demolition Men are crazy characters who will barge their way through at the target with no consideration for themselves a little like the Kamikaze Pilots in World War II. The Repair Men will do just that, they will repair the castle as you play along.

Players begin in normal mode and work their way up to more difficult levels. Flinging your opponents into the air will give you a huge sense of power along with a great deal of amusement too. Sometimes they will get back up so you have to fling them firmly on the ground to kill them. There are plenty of upgrades to be found with endless possibilities as you will see, making Defend Your Castle a real fun play.

Visually Defend Your Castle is very pleasing to the eye with colourful hand drawn pictures that will captivate you. With superb animation along with great little effects such as the suns light decreasing as you play along its all very endearing. The soundtrack is awesome with great music plus sound effects such as the screaming of the enemy as you bash him on the ground, making it also very amusing. I guarantee you will spend many happy hours playing Defend Your Castle.

Find out what platforms you can play Defend Your Castle on at Xgen Studios.