Games Modes in Warzone TD

Game Modes

Aside from the different stages available in Warzone TD, players will have access to several game modes. Each of these game modes have unique rules and features that alter the way you play the game. In general, Warzone Tower Defense’s gameplay remains pretty much constant regardless of the game mode, though it does slightly make certain playthroughs more enjoyable and allows players a bit of room for experimentation.

Default – this mode is the standard mode. Play this if you want to experience Warzone Tower Defense in the way it was originally designed. There are no alterations to your starting funds or enemy waves. For the most part, this is a good mode to play in, though we would really suggest that players try out other modes that provide either helpful bonuses to the player or some unique limitations to create a better challenge. Anyway, getting a high score in this mode is a good gauge of your own tower defense skills and finding a way to top your best rank is always a good enough challenge to go after.

Quick Cash – this is the mode that we play the most. Quick cash literally provides the players with quick cash. If you have already played the default mode, then you will easily recognize the benefits of getting more cash in the game. Anyway, the big factor that changes here is the amount you earn with every enemy kill that you make. There is no exact multiplier to how much more you will earn per kill,  but considering the fact that enemies do not get faster nor stronger and all that changes is that your earn a whole lot more, then this is certainly a much recommended way to play the game.

5k Start – sets you off with a bit of cash at the very start of the game. With that said, the game balances this out by introducing significantly tougher enemies during the first few waves. After that, the rest of the game plays out normally (subsequent waves are not unnecessarily stronger). The reason for the large value of initial cash you get is for you to be able to create an opening game that does not require the deployment of low tier defense towers (like standard cannons). Having 5000 credits allows you to lay down plasma cannons or laser cannons at the very beginning. This means that your build order will not be messed up by the fact that later in the game, you will be selling off those obligatory machine guns and cannons that you placed to deal with the initial waves.

2x Cash 2x Difficulty – just as it sounds, the double cash and double difficulty basically doubles everything about the game. Twice the amount earned per kill, but each enemy is much tougher than it normally is. This is a powered up version of the Quick Cash mode that comes with a bit of a catch in terms of enemy deployment. Then again, the massive amount of cash you earn means that you get to build more stronger towers early in the game. It is a bit of gamble that also requires that the player also be fast to make decisions and is already familiar with the game’s details.

Accelerated Play – makes opponents weaker but also, faster.  Sadly, cash earnings are not affected in this mode so you still earn the same value per kill. The only advantage is that since the enemies die faster, you can earn money more easily. When in this mode, you should be fast in terms of setting up mazes and detours for enemies as they will be all over the place if you do not lay down walls. As you progress through the waves, it will be important to focus on creating well defended chokepoints and several gauntlets of towers. The most important skill here is the EMP –which can literally slow down entire waves of attackers.

10 Tower Limit & 20 Tower Limit – This is one of the most limiting yet intriguing modes we have ever played. When faced with endless hordes of enemies, one has to wonder, how far can you go with just 10 towers? Or 20? It all depends on how well placed your towers are, where your walls are laid out and when you use bombing powers. The best strategies involve forcing the enemies into narrow convoluted pathways where the towers can keep attacking them. With the small amount of towers allowed, it makes plenty of sense to choose the towers that dish out plenty of damage such as the heavy cannon, plasma cannon, laser cannon and pulse emitter. You will want to upgrade some of your laser cannons to provide anti-air support to deal with some of the tougher flying units as well.

20k Fixed, 50k Fixed & 100k Fixed – the last kind of game mode variant available provides you with a specific amount of money at the very start of the game, however, killing enemies will not earn you cash. Basically, aside from the initial money that you get at the start of the game, you will gain nothing else. So this is a mode that will challenge your ability to conserve your limited resources in order to create a reasonable defense solution. Naturally, with the 20k Fixed mode, you can only set up and fully upgrade a few towers and probably lay down a few blocks. With the 100k Fixed, you have the chance to experiment with various configurations and learn what setups work best for you. Speaking of experimentation, playing in the 100k Fixed mode is a good way to do a trial run of a some ideas you may have for setting up towers to see how they would work in game. Anyway, the challenge here, much like the limited tower mode, is to see how you can get (in terms of waves survived) and how much points you can earn before the enemy becomes too powerful for your defenses to handle.

Why not try all the game modes out and see if you can complete them – Play War Zone TD at Newgrounds.