Medieval Castle Defense

This superb RPG flash game available as an app for Android, is one of the best on the market. Basically you are defending your castle while building bigger and greater towers. Disposing of the attackers is great fun while the building and upgrading element of the game is superb. Decide which characters you would like to help you in your campaign, then get started!

When I was a child I used to love stories about castles with princesses and handsome knights that would gallop along to rescue the princess from the tower. Medieval Castle Defense is not this type of story. It is more realistic from a historical perspective as the enemies are truly despicable while the defenders of the tower are not handsome princes but are the heroes of the game none the less.

Medieval Castle Defense has over forty fantastic levels making for hours of tower building fun. There are loads of enemies that come in all shapes and sizes plus differing guises all with unique abilities making for a great battle. These include basic infantry soldiers, Priests, Healers, Shamen, plus battering Ram with unique abilities. You begin the game with two types of tower, building up an assortment as you play along. Tower types are,

1. Cannon Tower
2. Catapult Tower
3. Slow Tower
4. Multi Shot Tower
5. Net Tower
6. Teleport Tower
7. Bombard Cannon
8. Gold Consumption Tower
9. Ballista

Each level you play is graded depending on how well you played plus how much you achieved. You will earn money as you play to help buy goods you need to carry on. You will collect gold plus pick up money from dead soldiers along the roadside. Research is the key to success as you need to work out which type of defender suits the location the best. Strategy also plays its part making this game somewhat of a challenge rather than a quick five minute session.

Graphically this castle building game is really good. It is colourful with cute character depictions that are both clear and amusing. The soundtrack is fantastic bearing in mind that this an Android app. The music is great with superb sound effects that will amuse plus create atmosphere. Fans of tower defense games will enjoy the medieval theme of the game with all its mystical attributes making it a game you will not want to miss out on.

Download Medieval Castle Defense at Google Play