The Adventuring Heroes in Dungeon Developer

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There are several character classes in Dungeon Developer, each has its own unique strengths and specialties. Sadly, you cannot really choose which adventurers to have –they pop up randomly in your party. You start out with a couple of adventurers and as you go deeper, more and more folks start going into town. Eventually, you will have about seven different adventurers of random job classes exploring your dungeon. The sad part is, they each join at different times, which means that they will all be at different levels.

Hopefully, you will have three or four units that are pretty much close to each other’s levels (you can make a level cap by not letting high level units progress to more difficult floors, though that would waste some of the days). It is important to have a small group that adventures together since they will be the ones who will progress the most in the deepest parts of the dungeon, also they are important for taking down the dragon in the least amount of days without having anyone dying. The rest of the adventurers whose levels are not matched up with your main group will be exploring the lower parts of the dungeon –this is good, since they will also be racking up some gold and items for everyone to use. If a few of them get lucky and level up fast enough, it is possible for one or two to catch up with the main group, but this is most improbable unless they are just a couple or so levels away from the threshold.

All characters have three equipment slots and unlike most games, you can equip any item on any character –no limitations or restrictions aside from having only three slots. This means that you can equip two boots and cloak on a single character if the bonuses are good –it does not matter all. All that really counts is the special ability of the item. Items have various special abilities (which we will discuss later) and it is not necessarily connected to the item itself –a sword may provide a bonus to defense while a cloak may add to your maximum attack damage. The important thing is for players to read the descriptions in order to find out which items have the best benefits.

With that said, let us get to know the various character classes in the game.

Warriors –  Warriors appear in all sorts of RPG titles online such as the one in Armed With Wings 3.These are the most basic and common fighters you will find, they are well rounded in terms of attack and defense and they do pretty well against most enemies. If you have one early on that levels up fast, then you get a damage sponge early in the game. Aside from being a decent unit, they have very little that makes them stand out. Give these guys items that boost their damage abilities and also something that increases their overall defense or health. It goes without saying that later in the game, low level warriors do not do much, if these classes join you letter on, it may better to just let them die and be replaced by a specialist melee class: either a barbarian or a paladin.

Rogues – are a lot like the warrior class with the exception of the fact that their attacks have better critical ratings and also, they are the only class that can disarm traps. Having two or three rogues in your party is a great way to deal with a dungeon full of traps, and thanks to the critical hit rating, they can also hold their own pretty well against most creatures. Items that will increase the chances of a critical hit will definitely improve the rogue’s performance, and so will items that refill HP when you take a certain amount of damage.

Mages – are magic casters and are able to dish out some serious amounts of damage on enemies, with that said, they are also some of the weakest in terms of defense. Be sure to have your mages supported by the tougher melee fighters in order to ensure that they live long enough in the quest. If you do not enjoy the concept of babysitting such low defense units, you can consider ignoring them completely and letting them die to be replaced by a different unit. These guys are also the class that benefits the most from items that add bonuses to magic damage.

Clerics – are the main healers of the party, they are perfect for supporting your party and will keep your mages alive in dire cases. The only drawback to clerics is that they have low offensive capabilities –this makes leveling them a little difficult. You will need to lock your groups into certain floor levels just so a cleric can play catch up. Again, much like the mage, if the cleric is too much of a bother, feel free to explore other options with the other classes available. In the end, even if all you have are melee fighters, if the levels are high enough, you can still beat the dragon without the caster classes.

Barbarians – are big powerful fighters that have plenty of HP and more importantly, have massively damaging attacks. Their attack strength is boosted with a damage bonus equivalent to their current level –which, at the two digit levels, becomes something of a monster-killing ability. Support this with the appropriate types of items, and you have a unit that can easily dispose of monsters for you –in fact, be careful, if the barbarians get too efficient, they might just over-level themselves from the party norm. Try to control these by giving items that have +25% bonus damage to another unit with a different class. To make a barbarian more balanced, try boosting their HP or overall defense instead.

Paladins – are the toughest nuts you will ever have on your side. Attacking the knights of such a holy order can prove a tough task as they have a very high defense, and when supported with items that restore HP, paladins can prove to be quite impossible to kill in the field. Chances are, they are the most likely to last the longest in a fight against the dragon, and of course, be able to withstand all the damages from high level enemies and traps. With that said, providing paladins with items that boost damage is important, as their attacks are pretty much on par with that of a regular warrior. If you have clerics in the party, having them support a mage can prove to be quite a powerful combination.

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