Two Worlds II: Castle Defense

Two Worlds II Castle Defense is a superb follow up game to the original release, that is brimming with medieval excitement, fighting, monsters plus just about everything you would expect to find in this genre of title. Defending the realm from invaders is the name of the game and believe me this is no easy task, but don’t let that put you off, the big challenge is what makes Two Worlds II Castle Defense a superior play.

The Orcs are coming! Boy are they ugly! Now you have to summon the troops to defend the kingdom so saving the king from extermination. The type of troops you select will determine how successful you are in your campaign so choose well. You have swordsmen, bowmen or healers who come at a price so you need to spend your limited money wisely, tactically working out who will do what best.

In this lies the challenge of Two Worlds II Castle Defense as where you deploy your troops is really important. Your strategy is the most important element as once you place your chosen troops in the limited number of given locations they only have a certain fighting radius. Some of the locations give great bonuses too such as health or attack so you need to take this into consideration too.

Even though you will not be able to cover all areas with your troops all is not lost as you can use your powers to transport them from place to place. Ultimately this means you can swap injured troops for healthy ones while you can also buy health or use spells to summon it up. You can also place a priest in position to use his healing powers on injured troops. There is also the added pause feature that you will find really useful. I used it a lot to stop the fight so that I could get troops in and out. Believe me you will need it as this game is a real challenge.

There are five superb campaigns in Two Worlds II Castle Defense along with a great mini game which is really a survival game within the game proper. It is a lot of fun as well as being yet again quite difficult to complete. Getting through the campaigns is no mean feat while I found myself having to repeat levels time and again. I think because you never know where the enemy will come from or indeed what type of enemy it will be you are not always prepared for the onslaught. Having said that I did eventually complete the campaign, while as it was difficult it gave me a good deal of satisfaction when I did so.

Graphically the game is very good with well drawn defined characters. The Orcs are very ugly looking as you would expect while the locations are well suited to the theme of the game. With fantastic theme music that creates the feeling of fantasy and battle players will be carried into another world which is that of Two Worlds II Castle Defense.

Download Two Worlds II Castle Defense at two worlds II. com