We Await Wild Blood 2

Wild Blood was a game that told  the tale of Lancelot as he hacked and slashed his way through Morgana’s evil forces, in order to rescue his beloved Guinevere and the land of Albion. It was Gameloft’s first action game to  use the Unreal Engine, and despite numerous technical issues, it was a game worth playing for action game fans.  The game was released for iOS and Android devices back in September 2012.

Being fans of the first game, we have decided to voice our opinions on what we would like to see and play in Wild Blood 2. For us, a game sequel should contain elements from the first game whilst adding new things to improve the existing features. Here are but some of our recommendations for the next game.

Continuing the Hero’s Quest

A true game sequel usually takes the story of the first game and continues it. That is, if there is room for the story to move forward. We feel that Wild Blood 2’s story should be about Lancelot’s The Knight’s life after the events of the first game. It could be about a new adventure or quest, or it could even be about Lancelot’s son. As long as the story ties in with the main hero from the first game we are happy. The great thing about using fictional characters is that you can add as much additional story as you want.

Improving the Sights and Sounds

While the first game was no slouch when it came to visual and audio presentation, we expect Wild Blood 2 to look and sound much better compared to its predecessor. There are plenty of graphics engines out there that are much better than the Unreal Engine.

Gameplay Evolution

While Wild Blood’s gameplay was fun and enjoyable, it was a bit clunky at times and was not entirely innovative. The game’s gameplay borrowed too much from other existing action game franchises. Wild Blood 2 should have a more responsive control scheme and Gameloft should add some new gameplay elements that are not taken from other game series.

Wild Blood 2 should have interactive environments such as breakable walls and acquirable items. We can already imagine blowing up a huge tower and burying our opponent beneath the rubble or picking up a burning torch and setting fire to an unsuspecting enemy. Interactivity should really be a big factor when it comes to action games, but sadly only a few games take advantage of it.

The first game already had a few weapons available for Lancelot to wield and use. We want more weapons in Wild Blood 2 and not just redesigns of existing ones. Each new weapon should play differently than the other weapons in your inventory. This can greatly increase the game’s replay value since each player will have a different experience while playing with a different weapon.

Additional multiplayer modes will surely be a great asset to the next Wild Blood game. Especially if Gameloft can devise some new and innovative gameplay modes that involve multiple players. We would like to see a Survival mode where players compete with each other to see which one can survive a horde of formidable monsters or even a Time Attack mode where players compete to find out which one of them can beat a stage in the least amount of time.

One of the most important things that we really want for Wild Blood 2 is less technical problems. The first game had so many issues during the first few months of its release that we had to play it at a later date. Gameloft should make sure that they thoroughly test Wild Blood 2 first before releasing it. It was such a hassle to wait for a patch or update that fixes problems with the game that should have been quality tested beforehand.

Looking Forward to the Next Battle

Wild Blood 2 should be in development as we speak, and while there has not been any official word yet from Gameloft, it would be foolish of them to ignore a game title that has so much potential. We hope that some of our recommendations are taken on board,  especially the part about not reusing ideas from other games.